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Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs

I’m very sure, every one of us will for once face difficulties in life. And we will so wish to breakdown, or just let go and don’t care about a single thing.

For example, it really needs a lot of trust and other factors to let a relationship between a girl and a guy last long. Recently, my friend told me about her problems. I don’t know how to help her and I feel so useless. Seeing her cry right in front of me, I can’t say anything but “Oh, it’s okay, don’t cry, don’t cry.” What else can I say? When I say I can understand how she’s feeling, she’ll say. What do you know? It’s not that you’re the one that is hurt. Yes, of course. I’m not the victim. So it’s really hard for me to comfort her. I bet if this happens on any one of us, we will also think that no one knows how we feel right at that moment.

But too bad, this is life. Life is like this, full of ups and downs. It will never be a bed of roses. I think that all these difficulties that are obstructing our life and how we are to move on, are given by god. God wants us to face the difficulties and not run away from these problems. Some people may not be able to handle all these troubles, they think that their life is so bitter. And they don’t even get to taste the sweetness of it. So they decided to end their life. This is obviously not the correct way to do, we must face the challenge that is ahead of us. We must defeat them!

After all these, I tell myself. I must be a brave kid and face life. And not running away. Cheers!


Life Is Unpredictable

With all the natural disasters all around the world, i realize how life is so unpredictable. We can be so happy and smiling at this moment, but one second later we may just die from sudden attack of something.

The earthquake in Sichuan; China has took away so many innocent lives and hurt so many people. Their lives are ruined just by that. Some of the victims are even stucked in the collapsed building for more than 100 hours, which is equivalent to one and a half days. I feel so sad for them, when i see the relatives of the victims cry, i also feel like crying. The victims who are stucked in there are so thirsty that they drank their own urine just to quench their thirst.

The cyclones that just struck Philippines is also another natural disaster that took away lives of people too.

These remind me of the tsunami that struck 4 years back. It also took away a lot of lives. Natural disasters can just strike any moment, so we should be very alert about our surroundings and beware of these catastrophes

After all these, I felt so lucky staying in Singapore which is a very peaceful country. I also will cherish the people around me and love them, because i won’t know what will happen next.

Happy Mother’s Day

It’s mother’s day yesterday, and I gave mummy a box of chocolate plus a 500g cake. =)

I would like to thank my mum for the love and care she gave and provided in this 17 years. She never fails to show her concern for me and made me feel loved. I’m so fortunate to have her as my mum.


The most respectable people on this earth is none other than mothers. They cook, do household chores, bring and fetch children to and fro school, some even need to work. Their energies are like never ending. However, they’re are also humans! They need a rest too, go to a place and relax..

Often, we take mothers for granted. Ordering them around like a maid, when the floor is dirty ask them to sweep, when there’s no food demand them for an explanation. Some mothers are timid and will not talk back, but others; like my mum for example, will not tolerate these nonsense. She will even threaten to leave home. As she’s not a maid, but my mum. Yes, I strongly agree to what she said. What right have we to order her around like a maid or servant? I think it should be the other way round! She’s my mother, she have the right to ask me to do things. She’s the reason why I’m in this world! She gave birth to me, fed me everything i want and need. She gave me the motherly love that I can’t get anywhere else. So it’s only right for us to be filial to our own parents, treat them like how i want to be treated!

Before I turn this post into a debating session, I shall stop. Haha. =P

Okay, so concluding, I want to stress that as children, it’s our basic responsibility to love our parents and not take them for granted. 🙂


Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show 2008

Before complaining that we have a sad life, think about other people out there, who wish to stand up and walk again. People that are in need of money to pay for their hospital bills.

Watched the charity show on channel 8 and suddenly a lot of thoughts came into my mind. I feel sad for the unfortunate that are physically disabled and are facing financial issues at home. Whenever these people share about their life story and how they spent their time at home etc, I feel so blessed and fortunate that I have such a wonderful and warm family. Seeing the uncontrollable tears that streams down from their eyes, I can feel the pain that they are facing.

Looking at how they live their life now, hard to live but yet so determine to continue living, I feel so guilty. Always, whenever a few setbacks in life may made me feel like ending my life and let go of everything. But to them, these illness they got that will follow them throughout their entire life, they still chose to continue and persevere on and never thought of giving up. I respect them.

I especially enjoy watching the part where they use the lighter to light up the different candles to form both pictures and words. It is not an easy task, as they need to remember which candle to light up at their own table. All the candles are the same, so it really test their memory. In the end they successfully did it, hooray!

Life is very unpredictable and we won’t know what will happen to us next. So we must live life with no regrets everyday, and make sure we have the same positive attitude as the patients

In conclusion, I realized that nothing is more important in this world than having a healthy lifestyle. Smiles!

Typical Singaporean Aunties

I really can’t stand the aunties on the bus nowadays, okay. Yes, I know they may be older than us so it’s very normal we have to let the seats for them.

Yesterday I was on the bus with two of my friends, on the way home after shopping. As the bus was very packed, I told myself i would so wish to sit down. And yes, the couple right in front of me stood up and was going to alight. I thought to myself, thank god finally I don’t have to stand throughout the journey. When I was about to sit down with one of my friend, one of the four aunties wanted to grab the seat before I do. And as the bus was really super packed, they cannot squeeze their way through just for that seat. So guess what they did. They placed their plastic bags which they bought on the seats and say loudly, OKAY, MY BAG IS ON THERE, NOW THIS IS MY SEAT. I BOOKED IT ALREADY. What the hell la, at that moment in time I really will kill them if there’s any form of weapon in my hand. I was so angry that I don’t care what people think of me and just shouted “This is what I call typical Singaporean aunties!”. They look at me but didn’t say a single word. Fine! Who cares. Just take it that I’m young and can stand. But they’re old and need to sit.

After yesterday, I’ve been thinking to myself. Why can’t people nowadays be more generous. Doesn’t mean you are old and the young ones must let you have the seat right? Sometimes the young ones can be tired too, we’re also humans! And all the typical aunties can do is chit chat all the way home. What the!? I really can’t stand the aunties nowadays. If say they’re pregnant, fine. Of course I will let them have the seats. And not say they’re that old like grandmas okay, they’re just around their 40s. I don’t see a single reason why we ought to give up our seats for them. And they won’t even feel grateful, even think that it’s only right.

I have only one word to describe them. Ungrateful people!

A New Environment

No more secondary school, now I’ve move on to a new level of study. Studying in NP is fun, but on the first day of school- 14th apri, I can already feel the stress that I will be facing in these 3 years. I hope I can be able to cope well, in my studies as well as in ccas. In this new school, I met many new friends, mostly during the FMS FOCamp.

I’m in tutorial class T1DB, a great class, with great classmates. We always meet up and go class together, can say we bonded well among one another already. 🙂

This whole first week of school, first day is not actually study. is IS module. After that went to convention centre and took a look at the cca fiesta. joined photography, stage production and volleyball. Hope I will have fun in all. =))

Then for the second day, class formally starts and we had to buy this buy that. Went to library to do some work after class. After that back home and prepared to go for my cousin’s wedding dinner at Hyatt Hotel.

Third day, wednesday. School as per normal. But most lecturers let us off early. =) Lunch at alumni clubhouse, simply delicious. After lunch had an hour of photoshop lesson then was excused from class to go for the FUN 2008. Didn’t get to participate, as I was wearing jeans that day. Not very comfortable to play with jeans on. So I was with all other non-participates and cheered for them. It’s fun though. =D after the games thing was only 4plus, so Wan suggested to go back class. And yes, we went back. But only for around 5 minutes, because Mr Danny also let us off early. Home sweet home after that. =))

Today, our class is actually from 9am to 12 noon. But because we don’t have the materials needed, Mr Yong Seng can’t start his lesson. He only brief us on some things then say we are dismissed. So as planned, some classmates and I went to takashimaya ; Art.Friend and bought the materials needed for Mr Danny’s lesson. The people working there are not even courteous, they have attitude problem. Really can’t stand them, we are the customers after all. I thought there’s a saying : Customers are always right. ? okay enough of that, after buying the materials I went home with alexis. =)